ACS Dance Fitness

As well as our popular martial arts, self defence and boxercise classes, ACS MAGFA offers Just Jhoom! dance fitness classes for schools, youth groups, parties, ice breakers and at our own venue when seasonal demand provides sufficient interest.

Just Jhoom!


Inspired by the glitz, glamour, tongue in cheek humour and energy of Bollywood movies, ACS Just Jhoom!, dance-fitness classes, provide a high energy workout that's fun and challenging. It'll even give your eyes a good workout with all those over-the-top eyebrow scrunches and fluttering lashes and, it goes without saying, that all that Just Jhoom! arm flailing is just great for bingo wings!

- Bored with the gym?
Just Jhoom! is far from boring

- Want something fun and inspiring?
We all need inspiration now and then
- Want to have a laugh?
Laughing burns calories too!
Our Just Jhoom! dance fitness classes may be just the thing you're looking for!
Using dance moves made famous by India's massive movie studios, you can indulge yourself in a unique core-building experience and learn some classic descriptive hand gestures such as the 'bee', the 'lotus' and the infamous 'shopping trolley' .....
And, by wearing some of the clothing provided by us, you can really get into the mood and emulate the dancing talents of Sridevi Kapoor while getting fit and having a great calorie burning fun time - so much fun in fact that you may not even realise that you're working out!

Top Sante: "The Fitness Craze - Last year we couldn't get enough of zumba. This year …….  a Bollywood-inspired class that blends high-energy Indian dance with limb-lengthening yoga moves for an all-round body-blasting workout. "

If you'd like to learn more about ACS Dance Fitness and Just Jhoom! or other ACS related services then please contact Kiran Sharma (Just Jhoom! and Boxercise Instructor):